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To boil lobsters. Ingredients:- 1/4 lb. of salt to each gallon of water. Mode:- Medium-sized lobsters are the best. Have ready a stewpan of boiling water, salted within the above proportion; put in the lobster, and keep it boiling quickly from 20 minutes to 3/4 hour, per its size, and don't forget to skim well. If it boils too long, the meat becomes thready, and if not done enough, the spawn isn't red: this must be obviated by great attention. Hub the shell over with a bit of butter or sweet oil, which wipe off again. Time. Small lobster, 20 minutes to 1/2 hour; large ditto, 1/2 to 1/3 hour. Hot lobster. ------------ Ingredients:- 1 lobster, 2 oz. of butter, grated nutmeg; salt, pepper, and pounded mace, to taste; bread crumbs, 2 eggs. Mode:- Pound the meat of the lobster to a smooth paste with the butter and seasoning, and add some bread crumbs. Beat the eggs, and make the entire mixture into the shape of a lobster; pound the spawn, and sprinkle over it. Bake 1/4 h