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1.   use as an umbrella when caught in the rain

2.   protect car seats from muddy or wet clothing

3.   spread over outdoor benches to protect clothing

4.   put into loose shoes to tighten

5.   stuff in leather shoes to preserve the shape

6.   stuff in wet shoes overnight to dry and deodorize

7.   crumple and place in the suitcase for a couple of weeks to remove

  • stale odors

8.   use as a mat when polishing shoes

9.   stuff hats to keep their shape

10.  stuff leather handbags in storage

11.  wrap around candle bottoms so they'll fit holders tighter

12.  store records between sheets

13.  use as padding under a table cloth

14.  cover store windows when remodeling

15.  cover furniture when away on vacation 

16.  cover furniture when sanding or painting

17.  spread on the floor underneath the rug when shampooing

18.  dampen and spread over window-panes  before  painting

19.  use to dry and polish window after washing

20.  dampen a bit and use to clean typewriter keys

21.  make a hat when painting

22.  fold to make a sheath for a knife

23.  place in closed windows to eliminate wind rattle

24.  stuff under doors and in cracks to stop cold wind from

coming in

25.  use as a bounce reflector when taking flash photographs or

use to reflect sunlight into shadow areas.

26.  place a sheet in jar tops to tighten loose lids

27.  make unusual lamp shades

28.  make dress patterns

29.  protect the table when children are painting or gluing

30.  use as wallpaper for a dollhouse

31.  make paper chains

32.  make paper dolls

33.  make paper mache handicrafts

34.  make kites

35.  make party hats

36.  occupy children by letting them color and paint the cartoons

37.  make a child's play tent

38.  use to raise the height of the child at the table

39.  use as a step stool

40.  cut out articles and make a scrapbook on a specific

the subject of interest to you.

41.  emergency pot holder

42.  use to remove heavy grease from the oven

43.  emergency dustpan

44.  roll, secure in the middle with elastic and fringe one end to

use to get rid of cobwebs

45.  start fires

46.  use as a fan to make fires burn better

47.  sharpen pencils by rubbing the point on newspaper

48.  muffle a loud alarm clock

49.  muffle the sound of a typewriter by using it as a mat


50.  place under heavy objects on wooden tables

51.  spread out between garden rows to discourage weeds

52.  use to wrap green tomatoes to ripen

53.  cover plants during a frost

54.  use as a knee pad when gardening or scrubbing floors

55.  roll and use as a funnel

56.  roll and use as a torch

57.  roll and use as a megaphone outdoors

58.  use folded sheets as a fan to keep cool

59.  use as sun shade at spectator events

60.  use as a mat for wet darkroom photographs

61.  shred and stuff in vases to help support fresh flowers

62.  put under car wheels when stuck in snow, mud, or sand

63.  line storage boxes

64.  line bottom of a birdcage

65.  line shelves

66.  line wastebaskets

67.  line a pet's sleeping box

68.  swat flies with rolled-up sheets

69.  use to wipe paint brushes

70.  use as a mat for wet, muddy boots

71.  shred and use for packing breakables

72.  wrap and store Christmas tree ornaments

73.  wrap around ice cream to keep frozen

74.  roll around the baby bottle to insulate

75.  use as a blotter

76.  put inside the coat for emergency warmth

77.  place on top of the snow with bird feed on it

78.  place on the windshield to prevent icing

79.  make a litter bag for your car

80.  crumple (no colors) and place in plastic containers to

eliminate odors


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